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Do you need the Exness app on your computer? Reviewed by E-Broker.com


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Do you want to download Exness app on your PC, then read on and install with us.

Why prefer the app on PC over the browser version:

The speed is faster on a PC

The more computer resources the less lags and problems there are

It’s safe on a PC

Really true, on the pc you don’t need to constantly search for the main Exness site and the app is always at your fingertips

The screen can be stretched to the maximum

To avoid distractions, you can make full screen mode

A lot of customization on the PC

Customization not only of the trading terminal but also customization of the application itself

You can use all the same fnctions in the application

The app doesn’t have any stripped down tools – which is a very good thing

Using the app on a PC does not interfere with the use of other devices

Yes, you can use the app on both PC and phone and WEB version

It’s safer on a PC

You can set an additional password so that no one can access the application without your permission

Why choose the EXNESS App on PC

The app does offer some advantages over other versions


How the trading terminal looks like on a laptop

This shows the Exness trading terminal installed on a laptop – everything is really convenient


5 steps to download the Exness app and install it on your pc Reviewed by E-Broker.com

The first step is to log into your personal account


The second step – you need to choose the right version of the platform and click on the download button


The third step is to simply wait for the download to complete and run the file


Step four, all you have to do is install, read and accept the app’s terms of use and wait for the installation to complete


Step five, you have the app – all you have to do is open it and log into your personal account


Differences in installation on other versions of Windows Reviewed by E-Broker.com

exness-windows-7(1) Windows 7 similar installation
exness-windows-8(1) Windows 8 similar installation

How and where to start after installing the app

Often many users are confused about the next steps – so here are tips


If you don’t have an account, you need to register one
If you have an account, you need to log in to it in the app on PC


If you are a beginner, you need to learn the interface of the trading platform. The demo version is recommended for this purpose!

If you want the app on your Phone:

just scan the QR code to proceed to download the app


Trading CFD involves risks

Go to Personal Area Exness