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Exness Copy Trading – How to Start Copy Trading Reviewed by E-Broker.com

Copy trading on the Exness platform on your laptop

Trading CFD involves risks

Exness copy trading

It is believed that beginners should use copies of stronger traders in their initial stage. Explore information on the functions and practical applications of Copy Trading.

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Social Trading Exness – opportunities for investors and traders Reviewed by E-Broker.com

Copy Trading is the procedure of replication of trades of more efficient traders. This possibility is of interest for newcomers in trading to get an example of experts (it is an invaluable chance to improve your trading ability), and for advanced users it is a great opportunities to distribute strategy and get some extra revenue.

Exness Copy Trading is referred to as Social Trading as well.

Social Trading or Copy Trading at Exness provides high accessibility to Forex investing – making it open to all people from all walks of life. The following are the advantage that Exness Social Trading has to offer and that investor’s can benefit from:

It should be noted that the terms “Social Trading” and “Copy Trading” in this article imply one product. Exness broker offers an opportunity for users to automatically copy trades of successful traders, after which the system will automatically repeat all his trades on your account.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that you will get the same result as the trader you have chosen, it can be either positive or negative, so you should be careful when choosing a strategy for copying.

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Trading CFD involves risks

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Exness Copy Trade – Getting Started Step by Step Reviewed by E-Broker.com

In order to get the possibility of social trading options, you will have to have an account with Exness broker (you can register or log in to an existing account, it is recommended to go through the verification procedure).

In your Personal Area, you need to find the tab labeled “Social Trading” and in the opened tab you can see the available strategies.


Then you can explore the strategies with their terms and conditions. In this case I want to use a strategy related only to the asset XAU (gold) – for this purpose I select it and a window with available offers for XAU opens.

Exness social trading, instructions on how to choose a strategy with gold, choose asset “XAU”

The choice of strategy should be determined by the number of investors (the more investors – the more chance that the strategy works), determine the level of risk you are willing to take (usually the lower the risk – the better) and look at the % of return (the higher it is – the better).

alt: Exness social trading, instructions on how to choose a strategy with gold, study the indicators that the proposed strategies have

Once you have chosen a strategy, read its terms and conditions carefully:

If the offer fits your plan, as in this case where the leverage is 1:200, with 5% commission, 4472 investors and with a risk score of 1/10.


After studying the history of his trades, it is important that there were no sharp jumps and drops.


If the trader’s performance is completely satisfactory to you and fits the trading plan – you can click “start copying”. Further everything is simple, follow the prompts on the screen.

Social Trading Exness, instructions on how to choose a strategy with gold - if the conditions are right click on the start copy button

Please note! You cannot copy a strategy without replenishing your investment wallet.


Trading CFD involves risks

Start Copy Trading

Where can I download my own strategy? Reviewed by E-Broker.com

To upload your trading strategy, select the “My Strategies” tab and click on “Join now”. Then it’s simple, follow the 3 steps to create a new strategy and attract followers.

  1. Fill in the details for your new strategy
  2. Go through the settings for your account
  3. Add A Profile Picture
Social Trading Exness to upload your strategy for copying - complete the three steps with information about your strategy

Trading CFD involves risks

Start Copy Trading

Exness Social Trading Assets. Reviewed by E-Broker.com

Copy forex trading

Forex trading is considered as an ideal platform for online trading in which there is an opportunity to trade currencies with minimum risk, and it works due to the economy and rate differential. Therefore, this market is considered to be an ideal place to invest assuming many opportunities for possible profits.

Using copy trading, the user can get automatic copying of trades of selected traders or mimic the investment plan of a particular trader. This approach offers the advantage of learning and understanding the actions of successful traders and their methods.

For the first choice for social trading, it is worth paying attention to factors such as:

Ideally, such a trader has a history of more than 1 year and profitability from 10% to 30%

It is important to keep track of changes in the chosen trader’s strategy that may lead to losses. Sometimes traders may mistakenly rely on only one instrument and this is a sign that the trader’s approach is no longer successful.

Exness social copy trading on mobile app

Trading CFD involves risks

Exness copy trade for mobile

Use special stop loss features to set a maximum level of finances that you are willing to entrust to this trader, which can ruin your investment.

Copy-trading on commodities Reviewed by E-Broker.com

Trading commodities is considered an ideal way to allocate your portfolio to reduce risk. These commodities are generally considered to be historically stable assets such as gold and silver and are popular around the world.

When you choose a copy trader, research their trading experience and look at their results over a long period of time. Avoid those who have large profit and loss peaks, such strategies can confuse you. It is worth choosing traders who have stable profits with small statistical losses.

In order to be a successful investor, it is important to choose the right trader and his strategy (with mandatory study of his trades). Remember that you should always set a stop loss to minimize the risks you are willing to take. Do not use only one trader as he can be very wrong and it can be critical for you, copy trades of several traders.

To successfully trade commodities, it’s essential to comprehend their trading mechanisms and the market structure. This involves understanding supply and demand dynamics for a given commodity as well as any key factors that might influence its price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Reviewed by E-Broker.com

How exactly does Exness Copy Trade function?

The way copy trades of experienced traders work in Exness is that you can select a trader and customize all the parameters, and then all trades are copied on your account.

Can I select multiple traders and copy them?

You can choose more than one trader to copy, it is necessary to do this to spread your finances – which reduces risk

Which traders are worth copying?

In order to understand that a trader is suitable for you, study his history, the number of subscribers and the total balance he trades in his strategies.

What are the specific risks connected with copy-trading?

There are the same risks associated with copy trading as with regular trading. There is always the possibility of loss, so it is important to take care to control risks and keep your portfolio.

Can I change my copy-trading parameters after I start trading?

You can change the copy trading parameters at any time such as stop loss, take profit limit and the copy factor.


Trading CFD involves risks

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